About The Elegant Rug - A Moroccan Rug Company

Our passion is to sell and promote old and genuinely artistic Berber rugs woven by women.

The Elegant Rug  as a platform was conceived in 2017, after about three generations working in the rug-making and selling business. It's safe to call it a family business, or better still a generational business. We work with women who make these Moroccan rugs as a lifestyle, women whom all they are good at from birth is hand-woven rugs. We pay the best prices to the women and to the families who are producing (new) or selling (vintage), thereby cutting most of the cost by avoiding the re-sellers, dealers, and commercial tourists.

Over the previous decades, we’ve built and maintained an excellent reputation on the B to B market by selling to almost all the Bazars in Marrakesh, Tangier, and worldwide, this is why we have decided and are committed to reach the final consumer and offer the expertise we have built over the decades. It is also important to note that shopping with us is risk-free, as we will be paying for shipping from our warehouse to you. We also accept deliveries returned, in situations where you didn't get what you ordered

We are producers of gracious and ancient Moroccan rugs in its modern dynamics. We produce variety as we perceive to appeal to a wide range of lifestyles around the world. It is our mission to keep the Moroccan hand-woven rugs as one of the most recognized rugs around the world. Our commitment to give our customers optimum satisfaction is one of our strongest driving force. We derive motivation from the testimonials of our customers all around the world.


We are specialists in rugs vintage sourcing and production. We manage more than 10 workshops in the high atlas, and a dedicated team of experts in vintage rugs sourcing from remote rural areas of morocco.


We committed to meet your satisfaction, top-quality, decades of culture, and excellent delivery. At The ElegantRug.com our identity lies in the fabric woven in every single one of our Moroccan rugs. The beauty and magnificence of hand-woven rugs come to life in the decoration of your home.


We look forward to meeting you!