Better With Age
High Quality Berber moroccan Rugs
Make it Your Own
Customized by you
Made With love
Support Women's cooperative
Better With Age
High Quality Berber moroccan Rugs
Make it Your Own
Customized by you
Made With love
Support Women's cooperative

Made with love in Morocco

All our Rugs are 100% Handmade and support Women's cooperative OUR STORY

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The Moroccan Premium Rug

The Moroccan rugs are internationally known not just for its artistic luxury, but also for the traditional hand-made method. We aim to improve the design of Moroccan rugs while keeping the old and famous Berber style shining.

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Our Vision

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Shop Custom Handmade Moroccan Rugs

The Elegant Rug is the best place to find beautiful and unique custom handmade Moroccan rugs designs. We provide a massive variety of Moroccan rugs at the lowest prices, with free shipping in the United States and worldwide also a 30-day return policy after receiving your item.

For thousands of years, rugs have been a part of traditional decor. It is handwoven by women in morocco using genuine Moroccan sheep wool. We work with craftswomen in rural areas who weave morocco rugs as a lifestyle. We strongly support their efforts and give the best price to them. By purchasing these rugs, you will be helping us in continuing our objective to support the craftswomen and their families and preserve the traditional Moroccan rug culture. Moroccan rugs are known across the world for their artistic luxury as well as their traditional handmade process. You can use it to brighten up your living room and kitchen. Or you can place it in your dining room or bedroom, which creates a stunning luxury look to attract everyone. You can also use the handmade rugs as a doormat in your room.

The Elegant Rug offers you a massive variety of Moroccan modern abstract rugs, Beni ourain Moroccan rugs, Beni mrirt Moroccan rugs, and vintage Moroccan rugs. You can explore different colors, sizes, and patterns from your house to your office. The Elegant Rug is dedicated to being handwoven in the Atlas mountain of Morocco and comes in a wide range of rug sizes to fit any room.

We exceed any quality since we focus on custom handmade Moroccan rugs and constantly update new trending stunning Moroccan designs made of high-grade wool. We give you lots of fantastic ideas for decorating your rug in the appropriate place so that you can choose your preferred rug to make your house or office more elegant.


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“I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the handmade moroccan rug I bought.

Great rugs for sale

Lauren Harb . L.A

I came across the elegant Rug and fell in love with it instantly. I get compliments on this high quality handmade rug whenever we have guests over! Thank you!

Hannah - Colorado

I bought a rug a few weeks ago - nice family team who help us great design !! great quality of wool !!


Thanks a lot for your service . great quality . got the same what i see in the website !   rug fit exactly space ! premium as promoted ! thank you 


The rugs are so beautiful and Unique, not to mention the designs. you can also trust the customer service! I fully recommend

Jenny-New york

Today i received my beautiful beni ourain  carpet. The shipment was very fast and the quality is perfect.I highly recommend

Deniss-Columbus -Ohio

Iorder a custom rug and i was produced one week earlier then expected !! great quality and high customer service